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Shifting CD

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Produced by Paul Barber (My Favorite Highway, The Bigger Lights, The Friday Night Boys), Shifting is the band's sophomore release and manifestation of their musical exploration and growth over the past two years. The theme of 'shifting' appears not only in the quartet's musical growth, but also in their ability to shift seamlessly from varying styles, giving the album a "mainstream likability that is both charming and contagious," praises the Herald-Standard.

Thirteen songs chart their journey from feel good pop to keys-out-front alternative rock. The result is a radio-ready, polished sound with literate songwriting and intimate, swoon-worthy vocals that has the Herald-Standard ranking the album with Pittsburgh's elite: "The sophomore release by JD Eicher & the Goodnights is the best album I've heard from a local band since 'Restless Days' (The Clarks). Seriously, it's that good."

Highlights include the dramatically orchestrated Beauty Of It All, the upbeat catchy refrains of Love Is Gonna Find You and Easy, and the shift to alternative rockers like Blue Coat on the Carousel. The songs illustrate the overarching theme of constant change in the variety of styles they exhibit, the stories they tell, and in Eicher’s own evolution as a songwriter. Pittsburgh City Paper notes that "a kind of gentle innocence pervades, as if not trying to grab you as it passes by, but hoping you'll be touched."

The Vindicator hails that with this release, "JD Eicher & the Goodnights take their place among the elite of Northeast Ohio-Western Pennsylvania bands."

Track Listing:
1. The Beauty of It All
2. Two Weeks Back
3. Love is Gonna Find You
4. Feel the Rain
5. Easy
6. It's a Feeling
7. Fine Line
8. Distance and Space
9. I've Been Around
10. Blue Coat on the Carousel
11. Crazy
12. Mr. Misery
13. Fine Line (acoustic)

Release Date: April 2011
Produced by: Paul Barber